02 May 2007

Traffic Complaints

11 general rules apply when cruising down the river of cars in Dhaka and Bangladesh.

  1. Sound your horn and flash the head light as many times as necessary in order to make people aware (or rather not to forget) of your presence.
  2. Incase you have headed the wrong way and need to turn, feel free to do so any where on the road. Just make sure that you block up the entire road in order to avoid any unnecessary bumping of cars.
  3. When you are in a hurry (or not) make as many takeovers as possible. Your passengers may be impatient. IMPORTANT!: Takeovers should only be performed when cars in the opposite direction are heading right for you. If they refuse to get out of your way use the head light as many times as necessary.
  4. Use breaks only when an accident is immanent.
  5. You have the right of way if and when you assume that a fellow car will have time to break and stop for you.
  6. To hit pedestrians is a viable and recommended alternative, as cars and rickshaws may result in bumps in you precious metal.
  7. Don’t care about cars behind you, keep your focus on the cars ahead.
  8. When you are gracious enough to allow someone to overtake you, roll down your window, wave with one finger (index finger recommended) as to indicate “you may pass.”
  9. When making a turn you have to plan ahead. For a right turn, stay as far in the left lane as possible. Do the opposite when turning left: stay in the right lane.
  10. When all else fails, put your hand and arm out the window (for a more lasting effect have you fellow passengers do the same) and nonchalantly indicate as to what you want (stop, turn etc.)
  11. If you choose to neglect these rules, that is fine. Most things change over night, but one rule is constant: Don’t care about anyone or anything, as long as you reach (or die trying) your destination.

Best of luck!



Anonymous said...

In case we are going to water land on Saturday. Do I dare go with you if you are driving???
I'm not so sure anymore!!!

Charlotta said...

Heeeeeeeej! Gud vad det var langesen jag tittade har. du har ju tom uppgraderat! :) De dar trafikreglerna later som de de har har! Fast vi har en till: den daladala (overfull minibus som anvands som public transport)har ALLTID foretrade! (och far garna kora pa trottoaren, om det finns nagon)
Kommer du hem nagot mi sommar? Kram lotta

Jenny said...

Så läskigt att idag åka i Svensk trafik, så tyst och lugnt! Å man sitter ju på fel sida i bilen å dessutom ingen Bistånds Bettan med Gabrielle så långt ögat kan nå...

Take care!!

Anonymous said...

varfor inte:)